How I Can Help You and Your Kids

A favorite diagnostic tool that I use in my clinic is the ZYTO — all you do is rest your hand on a cradle and the computer does the rest. It tells a patient what organ systems are the most stressed and how best to treat with nutrition or other means. It can tell a patient what foods the body wants and which foods to avoid. The ZYTO cuts through a lot of guesswork and can assist your doctor in determining what tests he or she might want to order. The ZYTO helps determine the best detox remedies for a specific person since everyone is unique and no two people are treated the same. It’s helpful in determining how best to support one with Lyme and or its co-infections.

The EVOX, a sister program to the ZYTO, can help one change a perception about any issue, whether it be a family member, fear of dogs, or mental and emotional blocks.

Afraid of needles? No problem. I use Acmodermil stimulation as well as other balancing skills that render the same results.

I have forty years experience in the holistic field and help motivated people of all ages to reach their goals and achieve excellent health.

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What I Offer

We offer relief for chronic and acute health issues

  • Five Element and Needle-free acupuncture
  • Health Coaching using ZYTO computerized nutritional analysis
  • EVOX Perception for Changing Behaviors and Fears
  • Colorpuncture for Kids and Adults including Cosmetic Colorpuncture
  • Gentle Detox (Certified Practitioner of Spagyric Soluna Remedies)
  • Biofield Therapy in Person or Remotely

ZYTO/EVOX sessions are available at Jade Spring Health Center in Arnold, Maryland as well as Full Circle Healing Arts in Annapolis.

We’re just a phone call away.
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