How I Can Help You and Your Kids

I help hundreds of people get their life back on track using needle-free painless techniques.

Colorpuncture is an effective tool that kids and adults love. Founder Dr. Peter Mandel discovered that we enter life as a spirit with a program or blueprint that contains our purpose, that when our programs have been interfered with either prenatally or up to the age of nine we don’t have the ability to rationalize. Our blueprint suffers a blip that can cause illness or disruption in the way we approach the world. Most of us have had stressful births and childhoods less than ideal that have laid the groundwork for the problems we encounter. Colorpuncture treatments can actually go back in time and erase stress that occurred in utero and while growing up. But treatment with color and light can do a lot more than straight acupuncture. A favorite treatment is cosmetic, or color washing of the face – every area of the face corresponds to an organ system so when light is shone, for example, under the eyes, the lymph system is activated.

I have the latest tools to determine how best to treat specific conditions. A favorite diagnostic tool that I use in my clinic is the Zyto-all you do is rest your hand on a cradle and the computer does the rest. It tells a patient what organ systems are the most stressed and how best to treat with nutrition or other means. It can tell a patient what foods the body wants and which foods to avoid. The Zyto cuts through a lot of guesswork and can assist your doctor in determining what tests he or she might want to order. The Zyto helps determine the best detox remedies for a specific person since everyone is unique and no two people are treated the same. It’s helpful in determining how best to support one with Lyme and or its co-infections.

The EVOX, a sister program to the ZYTO, can help one change a perception about any issue, whether it be a family member, fear of dogs, or mental and emotional blocks.

For those who want acupuncture, I use the latest needle-free Acmodermil stimulation as well as other balancing tools including Nutripuncture, e.g., tiny pellets that contain trace minerals that are chewed and often render immediate results. The bottom line is, we don’t have to use needles.

Unique Service Promise

I am dedicated to restoring my patients to exceptional health and well being. Having many years of experience and routinely undergoing continuing education, I am committed to always being on the leading edge of complimentary medical techniques. I have dealt with a large variety of health issues and have the determination to deliver the best possible care to my patients.

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What I Offer

We offer relief for chronic and acute health issues

Needle-free acupuncture
Colorpuncture for Kids and Adults including Cosmetic Colorpuncture
Zyto computerized nutritional analysis
Evox Perception for Changing Behaviors and Fears
Gentle Detox (Certified Practitioner of Spagyric Soluna Remedies)

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“Alexis Rotella is highly educated and gifted in the Healing Arts. She uses multiple tools to address your needs in a refined, skilled and beautiful manner. Her multidisciplinary approach covers all the bases!”
Dale Korangy, M.Ac.
“When I came to see Alexis I was feeling very worn out and discouraged. After my Colorpuncture treatment, my mood lifted. And I felt so much better. The treatment was painless and pleasant. It was fun to feel the energy shifting.”
Christina Sharp
Massage/Colonic Therapist
“You are a truly unique healer and a beautiful soul. Thank you!”
Allison Bower, L.Ac., M.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist
Washington, DC
“I had a great reunion with my family this weekend. When I see them it reminds of the sessions you did with me about families. Our reunions started after you did family constellation therapy with me.”

Case Study

A gentleman was bit by a recluse spider while camping. His foot turned a lurid red and swelled to twice its normal size. The pain was excruciating. By applying volcanic clay to the bottom of the foot and then treating the wound itself with clay, the man in a day and a half was back to work and walking normally. Family members were afraid he would lose his foot.