Message To New Patients

We offer a free fifteen-minute phone or in-person consultation.

New Patient Fees

Please call our Arnold, Maryland office at 410-384-9183 for current fee schedule or send us a message.


Supplements such as herbs and homeopathics are of the highest quality and are tested for compatibility.

What To Look For In A Health Coach

First of all, check out their credentials. Do they have a license?  Or just a certificate from a mail order source? In order to earn a license, one must devote many years of difficult study, passing rigorous exams by an institution with extremely high standards.

If your insurance carrier covers acupuncture, I can give you a receipt for submission to them. Patients pay out of pocket knowing that the care they receive here is not done in cookbook fashion.

What To Expect At First Visit

I will go over your health history in detail. If you prefer not to fill out the form yourself, the entire session will be spent by my filling it out for you. There may not be time for treatment that session.

After signing HIPA forms, I will assess the best way to proceed depending upon your need/condition. If you are in pain, that will be addressed first.

Since each person is treated differently, fees vary depending upon the service offered. But here are some guidelines:

  • First session with treatment (please call 410 384 9183 for current first-treatment cost)
  • ZYTO scan $170 per hour
  • EVOX (Altering Your Perceptions) 5 sessions $395 to be completed within two weeks
  • Remote / Phone Sessions $75 per half hour

We accept Visa/Mastercard/Checks.

The Jade Spring Health Center has the latest tools to help you through an acute or chronic condition. We believe that illness is a messenger that has incredible gifts to offer.