Healing is More Than Science;
It’s an Art, Philosophy, and Mindset

Welcome to Jade Spring Health Center, founded by Alexis Rotella, a premier acupuncturist. Alexis optimizes and restores your health and wellness through a multi-faceted approach, including acupuncture, nutritional health coaching, stress management, and pioneering technology.

Unlike acupuncture clinics — where they treat many people at once — she does not treat more than one person at a time. She spends focused time understanding your unique health challenges, treats you with the utmost care and designs a personalized healing roadmap to recovery — so you feel better faster.

Searching for Solutions? We Have ThemJade-Spring-acupunture-needle-holisitic-medicine-patient.jpg

If you are visiting our site today, you are struggling with a health problem. Maybe it’s a new issue. Is it a chronic condition in which you may be resolving symptoms, but not getting to the true root of the problem?
Our patients come to us with chronic fatigue, chronic pain, digestive issues, circulatory problems, sleep disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, Lyme disease, chemical sensitivities, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and sciatica. We particularly understand the more complicated issues that women experience (menopause — hot flashes, anxiety, stress, soar joints, etc…).  We specialize in patients who have tried everything to feel better and come as a last resort and for seemingly intractable health issues (and wish they would have come here first!) Just read our patient testimonials and case studies.

Personal Experience Makes a Differenceade-Spring-elevation-physiotherapy-and-wellness-acupuncture-dry-needling-jpg

Alexis Rotella is more than just an acupuncturist. Although she has been practicing holistic health for over 40 years and medically trained under the renowned acupuncturist and holistic healer, Prof. J.R. Worsley, she understands that real healing cannot be achieved by science alone. It is more than a degree. Alexis’ journey to healing her body is a very personal one.

Other practioners will promote how many patients they have treated. Alexis truly understands the physical and emotional pain you are experiencing. Having lived with various health issues, searching for answers, and experiencing the healing power when science synergizes with art, philosophy, and a mindset, she brings an understanding and expertise that others can’t. As she says, “Nothing changes a life more than having to use one’s own body as a laboratory.” This extensive knowledge allows her to quickly and intuitively understand what is keeping you from good health. She does not believe in cookbook-style acupuncture.

A Synergistic, Customized, and Innovative ApproachJade-Spring-Acupuncture-migraine-headache-patient.jpg

Acupuncture is not necessarily the only answer to getting you well. Jade Spring offers a full-circle of services for the body, mind, and spirit.

We offer relief for chronic and acute health utilizing and incorporating:

Five Element and Needle-free acupuncture

• Health Coaching  with computerized nutritional analysis SCIO, IQS   

Colorpuncture for Kids and Adults including Cosmetic Colorpuncture

Gentle Detox (Certified Practitioner of Spagyric Soluna Remedies)

Quantum Reflex Analysis muscle testing for tuning organs, glands, systems

Practical Homeopathy for a plethora of symptoms from anxiety to pain

Biofield Therapy and Health Coaching in Person or Remotely (SCIO)

Acupuncture – Simple, Safe, EffectiveFive-Element-acupunture-patient.jpg

Many people ask — “what is acupuncture?” Very simply — it’s a form of holistic treatment rooted in ancient tradition that involves the insertion of hair-thin needles at specific points on the body. It dates back as far as 10,000 years, is safe, gentle, and if performed correctly – pain free. If you are not fond of needles, Alexis can use electrostimulation or pellet therapy to produce similar outcomes.Acupuncture is clinically proven to relieve several ailments; 10 million treatments are administered annually in the US, 14 million patients use or have tried it, and insurance covers it because of its health benefits.


SCIO/QXCI Biofeedback Therapy is a biofeedback system that scans over 10,000 different frequences. While a person is connected to the SCIO, information is revealed that blood tests may not be able to.  The SCIO balances the frequencies resulting in greater energy and improved health. I have used this technology for over 20 years in my Arnold, Md. clinic with great success. I recently upgraded my SCIO which is even more sensitive than the prior system. Sessions are NOT covered by insurance. Please note there is a lot of bad press on the Web about the SCIO, just as there are people who still think chiropractic and acupuncture are quackery. A closed mind is a dangerous thing and can keep people stuck in the dark ages.

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Oprah’s First Acupuncture Session — The Do’s and Don’ts

You will see in this short video that acupuncture needles are hair-thin. You will also note that acupuncture needling is not really painful. Although Dr. Oz won’t be there to hold our hand, know that acupuncturists are trained in good bedside manner and there’s no reason to be afraid. Oprah, of course, is dressed to the nines complete with skyscraper heels. When you go for acupuncture, dress comfortably and wear shoes that you can slip off and on.

Unless one receives community acupuncture, a patient is lying comfortably and vertically so the chi can better circulate. It’s not unusual to doze off. Also note that before a doctor inserts needles, she first listens to the 12 pulses. This pulses tell us where the needles need to go. This is not done in the video. But hats off to Oprah for bringing awareness to places that are often misunderstood. It may take 30 or so seconds for video to load. Be patient.

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