2021 Get Ready for Change

If you’re a spiritual seeker and one who cares about the planet and is weary of injustice and watching dinosaurs in power screw up our way of life, then you are ready for the roller coaster ride that 2021 promises. We’ve heard for decades about the Age of Aquarius and how the stars will align for the greater good.

Well, the Age of Aquarius began December 21, 2020 and there’s no turning back. But we can’t expect the angels to blow their trumpets and peace will suddenly prevail and everyone will start acting like we’re all connected. Aquarius is about the well being of humanity, not just a few rich cats at the top.

You know in your heart that those who hold onto power will not relinquish it without a fight. Black Lives Matter? Who says? We do, the people. Climate change? There is no such thing. Oh yeah? Wait and see.

Aquarius is about revolution–revolutions are never pretty or easy. Those of us who have been hiding our light under a bushel because we’ve been afraid to ruffle the feathers of religious bigots or ultra conservatives can no longer hide. To hide from ourselves invites illness on all levels, not just for us personally, but for the collective.

So, what am I getting at? With the pandemic raging in the US and elsewhere (good job, China and New Zealand), we’re all reinventing ourselves whether we know it or not. Life as we know it can never be the same because we aren’t the same. Be as mindful as possible, feel your feelings, don’t cover them up. I look at the places in my life that would rather not be acknowledged and for once, I give them space. I ask for dreams to help me understand why I’m here. I ask for patience to be the change I wish to seek. If there is someone wiser than me, I listen to them. I let them mentor me for as long as is necessary. I mentor those who come to me for as long as they want. I listen to my intuition, not the voices of others who are uncomfortable with change.

When we change, no matter how minute that change might be, the collective changes. That’s how we usher in the golden age of creativity and freedom for all.