5G: What Does It Mean for Humanity?

I’ve been a follower of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt for many years and have attended several of his seminars and have worked with practitioners trained under him for years.

It comes as no surprise that the general population is becoming more and more unhealthy as the dark side of WiFi is revealed. 5G is nothing to sneeze at. Dr. K. says that neurological diseases will increase drastically and more kids will be born with autism. Those of us who walk around with heavy metals are walking antennaes. WiFi actually incubates dangerous retroviruses. Dr. K. talks for a short time in the following audio how we, the people, are being poisoned by WiFi, that only Russia and Iran really are addressing the problem.

Time to take our heads out of the sand. I tell all my patients about the dangers of WiFi–some listen, some don’t. It’s the first thing I address in my clinic. Listen for yourself below: