A New Home: A New Start in Greensboro, North Carolina

It took a while but finally I am licensed in North Carolina to practice acupuncture. Yes, I know, my website needs updating and I am getting there but first and foremost: feeling my sea legs, taking in the new environment, adjusting to a new lock down due to Covid19 which includes sorting out information from misinformation, e.g., there are practitioners who don’t believe in masks despite what the science says. Are the scientists trying to control our every move–is there a grand conspiracy going on? Are we losing our democracy? Is the mainstream media really the enemy? Meet any person, and every one will have their opinions, whether grounded in reality or not.

Just for the record, I wear a mask/face covering. I am also in the process of getting ready to offer remote healing via SCIO technology and Tong Ren. Stay tuned for updates on how we can heal without physically being present.

For those patients I see in person, all precautions will be taken as I want to keep myself, family members and you safe.