A Ray of Light into the Dark Days of Covid19

Most of us who care about the human race are hunkered down in our houses and when we venture to eek out our vittles, we wear masks and practice social distancing. No one says it’s easy. The key is to look for the little things in life that lift our spirits. In my case, I am always ready to chuckle when the neighbor’s chickens waddle into our yard.

I was shocked when I learned yesterday that my latest book Scratches on the Moon (Haibun) won a Touchstone Book Award 2019. I was happy to see that it was included on the short list, but really overjoyed when the news broke that it won (along with six other books as well as two honorable mentions).

Earlier in the week I was informed by Giulia Biata of Sardinia who heads up the on-line site mag_mobile art group that my entry was accepted for All Colors of the World Exhibit in Cagliari, Sardinia. Let’s hope the world gets back to normal so the physical exhibit comes to pass.

Just to add some icing on the cake, one of my florals was chosen for the banner on NEM Green, always a kick.