As soon as a tick bites, it starts laying its eggs. It is recommended that at the first sign of a tick bite, one start doxycycline for two weeks, even if you are on a remedy for a past Lyme infection. If a blood test would show an infection (often they do not), it can take three to four weeks to get a positive reading.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt believes the gold standard for Lyme testing is the Western Blot. If that is negative, move to Fry Labs testing. A non-literate Lyme doctor may not know about the Fry test; that’s why it’s important to get on board with a medical doctor who is up on the latest Lyme literature. So important to work with a team because most MDs are not going to use Autonomic Response Testing (ART founded by Dr. Klinghardt), a sophisticated form of muscle testing that is light years beyond the chiropractic Goodheart style. ART takes a long time to learn and requires hours of study and practice.