Acupuncture Homework: Tap Your Way to Health

When people first receive acupuncture in my clinic, it’s not long before they go into a twilight sleep, to a place of deep relaxation that perhaps they have never experienced. I explain to my patients when their energy circuits (meridians) are flowing, they will feel lighter, like a burden has been lifted off their shoulders.

Depending upon how long a person has been sick and under deep stress , it’s hard to say how long an acupuncture treatment will hold. But as treatments continue, patients will find that they feel better longer (e.g., instead of noticing their energy held for two days, they will realize they can go for four days without feeling exhausted).

I always suggest homework to my patients and that comes in the form of tapping which you can do anywhere, anytime. So as not to reinvent the wheel, here’s a link on tapping. Heller&