Is Acupuncture Not Working for You?

Perhaps it’s because the acupuncturist you see does not take your pulses, uses cookbook-style treatments, leaves the room, and just hopes for the best. So many acupuncturists, especially those trained in China, treat five-ten patients at a time. When I ask my patients if that style of acupuncture helped they often have a vague response, such as “I guess it may have helped, a little.”

I was trained by the late Prof.John Worsley whose way of treating includes taking pulses several times during a session. Many times the needles are not left in but inserted quickly then removed. After each insert, the pulses are checked to see if the desired change has taken place.

No two sessions are ever alike. It’s the pulses that dictate what points are to be needled.

In the past few months I’ve included abdominal acupuncture in my practice. It’s essentially painless, relaxing and brings people to a place that feels like home, a place that is centered and grounded. Most patients need to talk, to get things off their chest. They need to feel like someone is listening. I myself don’t like to be needled and then left for 45 minutes and then to have an assistant remove the needles. It’s my opinion that it’s not the needles that do the work but also the intention of a caring practitioner that brings the energy “home.”

In the Arnold/Annapolis area, there are many acupuncturists and I know how difficult it is to find someone with whom a person can feel comfortable. If, for example, you sense that the practitioner is not really “there,” pay attention. As Dr. Worsley you used to tell his students, “No matter what kind of a day you’ve had, put it aside and focus only on the patient.”

Happy Holidays. Good Health and Peace.