Antibiotics: Take at Your Own Risk

If you absolutely MUST take an antibiotic, make sure you take probiotics as antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria, but the ones that keep your digestion in check.

It’s not unusual during or after a course or two of antibiotics that people complain about stomach aches, flatulence, belching, etc.

When a patient tells me, “Well, I AM taking a probiotic.” Chances are the one they’re taking does not contain the bacterial strain they need. This is where muscle testing comes in.

Also important to note is that there are natural remedies that can kill an infection, sometimes even quicker and better than antibiotics. One such herbal is echinacea (often given when one has the flu or urinary tract infections). Note that not all brands are alike. Again, that’s where muscle testing is a godsend. If more doctors and practitioners used a form of muscle testing, their patients would get well quicker and sooner.