April is the cruelest month

TS Eliot said that April is the cruelest month. For some people, blossom time can be a challenge.

Not just because of the high pollen counts but because spring is an abrupt change from winter and the body has a hard time making the adjustment. Spring is the hardest seasonal transition. We may not feel ready to blossom ourselves. People can feel depressed or anxious or downright irritable as spring is the season that alludes to the liver and gall bladder function.

Dandelions pop up all over at the first sign of spring — they are easy to recognize as their leaves are shaped like arrows and when organically grown, are one of the best remedies for detoxing the liver. David’s in Gambrills carries organic dandelion as does Whole Foods Market. The liver and gall bladder like bitter herbs.

If we’ve lost parents or friends during the spring, the unconscious remembers. Old feelings may surface. And while it’s healthy to acknowledge emotions, to get stuck in them is not. Classical acupuncture addresses the spirit of every person and takes into consideration the characteristics of every season as well as how a patient moves through every season, not just spring.