Are your arm veins tiny to invisible?

Not all veins are created equal and when we have arm veins that are hard to find, going to the blood lab can be an unhappy experience. There are gifted nurses and lab people out there, but more often than not, those with hidden veins get stuck too many times and on some occasions, leave without a blood draw or IV.

Herbs for circulation and weight lifting then minutes a day can do wonders for our veins, even if they’ve developed stenosis from peroxide or other IVs. If you don’t have weights, you can just use one-pound soup cans. Also a good brisk walk daily boosts overall circulation and drainage.

It’s my experience that there ARE gifted technicians out there who have an intuitive sense of how to stick a vein. But even those doctors who do IVs all day may not have that sixth sense of how to get into a vein. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You just have to keep looking and networking.