Autumn is here and our moods can fall right along with the leaves

It’s not unusual for people to come into the clinic feeling not just melancholy at this time of year but downright depressed, especially when daylight savings time kicks in. Not long ago it was light out at 9 p.m.; now at 4:30 it’s starting to get dark. An SAD lamp can work wonders. You just sit in front of it for a minimum of 20 minutes in the morning.

Classical acupuncture also offers horary treatments, or seasonal tune ups. In other words, your system gets a boost at the change of each season.

Seasonal transitions are hard on the system, especially when late summer energy starts to drop deeper into the earth. Some of us feel like we just parachuted to the ground with a thud. The lungs and colon are the two meridians or organ systems that take a hit when autumn comes around. Respiratory ailments are common, as is constipation. This is the season when old griefs come into play. In other words, seasonal tune ups are a cleansing so we can get rid of the old to make room for the new.

Classical acupuncture (also known as five-element acupuncture) is the Rolls Royce of Chinese Medicine. People are amazed at how they start to feel on a body mind spirit level. When your lungs are working well, you can breathe in the inspiration from heaven and release what is no longer needed for your highest good.