Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Why You’re Hungrier in Winter

Yesterday was the first cool fall day, after temperatures in the 90’s all summer until October 1. I noticed how I craved carbs just that first day–how my cells were screaming for sugar. Instead of protein for dinner, I made pasta. I bought power bars, which I usually pass on when I’m at Trader Joe’s. I craved ice cream, muffins, gluten-free cupcakes.

In the last six months, I lost ten pounds, which I want to keep off. I don’t want to give in to the comfort-food scenario, so what’s a woman to do?

First, I need to be mindful of the signals my body is sending. I need to weight myself regularly to see just how a bowl of ice cream affects my weight. I need to up the ante on healthy fats like butter, coconut and olive oil. I need to keep track of my thyroid levels because when the temperature drops, so does the thyroid and its production of T4/T3. T3 is what gives us our energy.

When the weather gets cooler, we have a need for emotional comfort. Food is not the only way to go. Too much of the wrong foods will make us miserable. Our clothes won’t fit right. Instead of waiting for the ten pounds to come back, I support myself in other ways. Perhaps it might include journal writing, telling a secret to an empty page. I might ask the hunger what it wants from me? If it wants chocolate, I might give it one piece and remind myself that overdoing it will make me nervous, that’s it fattening and I love the way my body looks and feels now.

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