Beating Up on Yourself — Who Needs THAT?

Life is going along swell. You’re feeling good, proud of yourself for not going on a binge and then bingo, there you went and ate a pint of ice cream or devoured one too many pieces of chocolate. Now you have a headache or your sinuses are clogged and you have such a headache you scream at your spouse and everyone who ever did you wrong.

You really are making your liver unhappy. Your liver’s main source point is called HAPPY CALM. Your liver is responsible for so many things — it moves energy and blood, produces many enzymes. It is the chemical processing plant of your body and it’s always doing its job. When you are angry with yourself or when you take out your moods on others, your body creates chemicals that can give you a headache or tight tendons. The chemicals can create rage.

When you find yourself having a temper tantrum because you let yourself down, you can do TAPPING until you get back to center. Google Tapping Technique — there are many resources. Tapping is really giving yourself a treatment as you are accessing acupuncture points. The best way to use tapping is when you feel empty inside, when you have a craving that you know isn’t good for you. Tapping is also a great way to forgive yourself. We’re all human.