Birth Imprints and How Our Birth Experience Affects Us Throughout Our Life

Our birth impacts our lives. I’ve been paying attention to how my patients’ trip through the birth canal affects their health. But even before I started to question patients about their birth, I’ve noticed how certain people in life seem to get on. For example, a number of those born via Caeserean, need to be rescued all the time. They depend on others to bail them out of trouble on a regular basis. When I make it known that they ought to fend for themselves, they quickly find another rescuer.

Those delivered by forceps often have difficulty with authority figures and even though they deny their anger, they try to be the authority on every subject.

Having studied Colorpuncture with the German acupuncturist Peter Mandel (founder of Colorpuncture and author of many books), I learned how our birth affects our life and how Colorpuncture treatments can erase the birth trauma so people can overcome blockages and thereby improve their health.

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Mental Imprint From Birth