Bladder Leakage — It Happens to Most Women as They Age

In my acupuncture practice, I find many women, even in their fifties, especially if they’ve had children, start to experience bladder leakage. The first thing to address is finding the right pad. I caution women to use only organic cotton as the conventional ones can irritate the area as they contain toxins. The one I recommend is available at

Next, schedule a visit with a pelvic health practitioner. I’m not talking midwife as they usually examine a person while lying flat. A pelvic health doctor will test various muscle groups to see which are weak. Physical therapy may be necessary. There are women in their younger years who put off therapy only to regret it later in their late sixties or seventies. We want to take preventive measures in order to eliminate need for surgery (the recovery can be brutal).

In my acupuncture practice, I also use homeopathics and herbals to eliminate infections and strenghten the entire pelvic area. Abdominal acupuncture is particularly wonderful and my patients look forward to this painless and effective way of treating the whole person, no matter what issue, acute or chronic, they are experiencing.

While herbal therapy is not covered by insurance, acupuncture often is (Medicare is an exception).

Acupuncture works but only if you show up.