A Broken Heart is Considered a Disease

Chinese Medicine recognized thousands of years ago that a broken heart is a disease. When someone experiences a break up through separation, divorce or death, their heart takes a big hit. We’ve all heard stories of how after a man’s wife dies, he dies soon afterward. Or even when one has a steady sweetheart and one of them leaves the relationship, the person left wanting can begin to go in a downward spiral where the immune system becomes sluggish.

I have had a number of patients and family members who became widowed and it was interesting to notice how one symptom after another appeared — from migraines to full body rashes.

The good news is that even though heartache is inevitable as we journey through life, it is possible to weather the storms without falling apart. And Classical Acupuncture is the system I have sworn by for the last 20 years. I am a caregiver for a widowed relative who has many health issues including macular, glaucoma, angina as well as recuperation from a broken hip. Needless to say, my heart takes regular hits witnessing what she goes through. I take care of myself with regular treatment. And I do believe that with regular acupuncture treatments, I don’t think my relative would have endured as well had I not treated her regularly with Classical Acupuncture as she visited her husband every day for nearly a year in ICU knowing he would never come home.

We don’t have to lose a spouse or relative to experience heartache–when we lose our dream job or lose an election of if have to let go of an idea that we have held dear–all those things can cause our systems to go into stress and a downward spiral.