If you Can Change Your Perceptions, You Can Change Your Life

Our perceptions often define us and keep us stuck in the same old patterns. EVOX, a sister program to the ZYTO, is designed to help us change our ideas about people, relationships, situations, athletic and mental performance and our own ideas about ourselves.

EVOX is a Perception Reframing Process that helps us see the world in a whole new way. EVOX uses voice technology (VOX is Latin for voice). The client speaks briefly about any topic while his or her hand rests on the cradle (as I explained in the ZYTO
summary above). The EVOX records the energy of the voice which then creates on the screen a visual image of one’s perception regarding a certain situation.

Most perceptions don’t change, i.e., they remain static. For example, if a woman’s perception about her mother-in-law is something like “She’s impossible to live with” then she will approach her mother-in-law the same way and nothing will change. The same destructive behavior will continue and family dynamics will be stressful, not just for the client but for the entire family. It’s not uncommon for one person to change their perception and to totally alter family dynamics for the better.

Let’s look at another scenario: A man goes to work every day to the same boring job. He walks into the office with sunken shoulders, gives his usual lackluster good morning to his coworkers. He shrinks when his boss comes around and feels like he’ll never get ahead. He’s in his mid-fifties and thinks he’s too old to get a job somewhere else. He has three kids and a wife to support, car payments, a mortgage and the promise of Disneyland looming in three months. Obviously with the same old perception nothing can change. A fairy godmother is not going to appear before him to wave a magic wand. Our fairy godmother lies in our own perceptions–if we have the courage to change, we can change our experiences. Our mind is the wand – we just have to will it.

Take the example of one of those old 45 rpm records with a rut. The song can’t go on while it’s stuck in a groove. Our life stays the same while we harbor the same resentments and points of view. With the EVOX system, a person can shift or reframe their perceptions at a conscious and subconscious level which opens a space for improved performance and improved relationships.

The EVOX helps thousands of people overcome blockages–whether we want to admit it or not, we can all be programmed to think a certain way about a situation or a person. The television can spoon feed our minds perceptions that may or may not be true. A family member can plant into a child’s mind the notion or opinion that a certain uncle or aunt is off her rocker. A coworker can tell untrue stories about a boss and if we believe those stories, we may be short changing ourselves.

Just as with the ZYTO, a client sits comfortably while placing their hand on a cradle. Using a headset, they speak their concern into a microphone and in moments a visual image of their perception appears on the screen. For a minute or so, gentle music is played while the person focuses on their concern. The concern is spoken again until the image changes and shows that the rut has been cleared. This can take a half hour. While the person may start to feel a change in their thinking, five sessions are necessary to be completed within a two-week period. After each session, the client is tested for flower essence remedies particular to their individual needs. The remedy is imprinted into a bottle and the person takes the drops twice a day until the following session.

Case Study: A forty-five year old woman was worried that she wouldn’t pass her real estate exam. She put all her eggs in the real estate basket and felt if she failed another time, she would be left out on the streets. With each EVOX session, she began to let go and began thinking of other career opportunities. As it turned out, she passed the exam with flying colors but decided a position in human resources was more to her liking.

Case Study: A woman was a part-time care giver for an elderly uncle. Her perception was that she would help him if at the end of the rainbow she’d collect her pot of gold. But the resources he had saved were dwindling and her resentment was building to the point when she visited they started snapping at each other. It only took one session for her perception of him to change–with each subsequent EVOX session she began to feel more compassion toward him and by the fifth session, she had let go of receiving an inheritance. When she visited her uncle, there was no irritation, just a warm feeling between them.

Case Study: An elderly woman felt that she was the family scapegoat and being blamed for every problem. The woman always felt she was different from the rest of her tribe–she was an artist and an independent thinker while her brothers and sisters were traditionalist who lived in the same town who had never traveled to parts of the globe as did she. She blamed them for being narrow minded. In her heart, she wanted to be able to let them be who they are and to expect nothing in return. It was almost immediate that she began to see things from their point of view and by the fifth session she felt a deep compassion which replaced resentment.

EVOX Reframing can be used for many different issues–be it phobias such as fear of spiders, flying, low self esteem. Whatever blocks us from our highest good is grist for the mill. A commitment of five sessions to be completed within a two-week period as well as payment up front is the requirement. Each session takes no more than 45 minutes and can take as less as 20 minutes, depending upon how quickly one is able to shift.