Change: That’s All There Is, But Yet…..

Take a look around. Nothing lasts. Everything is in a state of flux. Heraclitus, the ancient philosopher once said, “You can’t stand in the same river twice.” A river might have the same name but the river itself is always changing.

Look at the sky. Do clouds stay for long? A flower buds, blossoms and before we know it, it’s history. You look in the mirror one day and who’s there but your mother or father, or grandparent staring back. It seems like only yesterday you were getting dressed for the prom, right? Or maybe you come across a first-grade photo of yourself. That person was you, but something has changed. The river inside has moved you to this moment in time.

The only thing we can count on is change, so if that’s the case, why do we resist it? At the first sign of a crow’s foot, why run to get Botox? You know sooner or later you’re going to look the age you are.

I saw a funny cartoon on Facebook — There’s a long line of people waiting to get their drugs. In the next line there’s no one willing to give the Making Life Changes booth a try. It’s so much easier to pop a pill than figure out why Irritable Bowel Syndrome is making a person miserable. Change takes self love and the willingness to become self aware. Why move your body 15 minutes a day when you can sit on the couch, munch junk food and take your antacids which is just a white wash, a cover up for what’s really the cause.

How hard it is to entertain a new idea, to let in some light. How hard it is to forgive someone who did you wrong 30 years ago, yet if we did, we may not have an ulcer to nurse. How hard it is to allow someone who doesn’t look like us to live and let live, yet if we develop a generous open heart, maybe others would offer us support when needed?

Five Element Acupuncture is not just for treating symptoms. It is a modality, an art, that allows a person to change little by little until they feel at home in their mind, body, soul. It’s not about needling a point on the knee to alleviate a pain–the pain is much deeper than meets the eye. The pain is there because of an emotional block. Yet some people don’t want to go “there.” That would require change. It’s comfortable living in a world of make believe and living with one’s miserable symptoms is a lot easier than doing what it takes to change one’s point of view. After all, there’s always a pill to pop when you’re feeling melancholy and when that drug no longer works, there’s always another your doctor will be only too happy to prescribe.

I welcome people into my practice who want to let in some fresh air; who are tired of suffocating inside the same old dusty box. More than 40 years in the holistic health field, I’ve been through the ups and downs of illness and look upon those times as opportunities to change, to become more myself.

If you care to hop aboard, give a ring — 410 384 9183. Alexis Rotella, licensed acupuncturist, takes no prisoners.