Cherish Yourself First

There’s a lot of lonely people in the world who want someone to come into their life so they can feel less empty. I see people in my acupuncture practice all the time who feel desperate after a divorce or loss of their significant other. All too often they give in to hopelessness and carry that around year to year. While the needles strategically placed can help one feel their self worth, the practitioner cannot change one’s lifestyle.

Many people want to feel like they’re special. One woman told me she wants to be cherished, yet she doesn’t cherish herself. This is not news–we’ve heard a thousand times that if you want others to love you, you first have to love yourself. When I asked her if she would be willing to lose weight, her response–“I’m a carb addict.” How does one challenge that statement?

When I did SCIO biofeedback on her, gums came up as a priority. I asked her if she flosses. No. I told her about irrigation for dental health. Even though she is losing her back teeth, she didn’t seem to want to take care of her mouth. In other words, she doesn’t cherish herself enough.

There’s a saying that I repeat to myself regularly, “If I don’t change direction, I’ll wind up where I’m going.” If I pig out on ice cream and my stomach bloats, I won’t have ice cream the next day. If my shoulder hurts, I’m not going to play tennis. Cherishing oneself can take practice. It’s all about self love. And even though we’ve heard it too many times, it’s still true–self love is an inside job. Prince Charming is not going to come along on a white horse. We need to be our own prince. As I said before, acupuncture can help strengthen us at our core, but then we need to take that information/that strength and take thoughtful steps to feel good about ourselves.

People I know have joined an on-line group called NOOM to lose weight and keep it off. Daily Om offers on-line courses for as low as $15 on various topics. Those are just two suggestions to think about. It’s always a good idea to learn something new–there are groups everywhere where we can meet like-minded people. Sometimes just learning something new is the shot in the arm we need to engage our minds so we don’t stay stuck in yearning, longing for a future that is not looking for us.