Is Your Child Acting Out, Depressed or Always Anxious?

Instead of first looking in the medicine chest for a pill, look in your refrigerator and cabinets for food that contain sugar, like cereals which are often loaded. But, you say, it’s fructose. There is no difference between sugar and fructose in the way it breaks down in the body.

Not only does sugar cause depression and anxiety, but it is behind inflammatory conditions.

Do you feed your sick child pasta, potatoes and rice? Are they hooked on pizza? Carbohydrates break down into sugar, so in a nut shell, eating a baked potato is like eating a candy bar. Eating a bowl of rice is like eating eight teaspoons of sugar.

More parents are contacting me about their sick kids. The main problem is that the kids are using sugar as a drug even though they aren’t aware of it. If your child is hard to manage and is the one calling the shots, if you’re afraid of your child, think sugar.

Manufacturers hide sugar in their products. It’s important to read labels and a good rule of thumb is when you go to the supermarket, avoid products that are in the middle of the store, like canned and packaged foods.

There’s a lot of evidence that sugar-laden products lurk behind auto immune conditions.

I’d like to share an ancient Chinese phrase with you — If the child is sick, treat the mother.
This is true for acupuncture and nutritional counseling as well. You can’t expect your child to lay off sugar when he sees you dunking cookies in your tea.