Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Why GIve Up?

Just because your physicians don’t have answers, does that mean you ought to give up? I have helped get people on a different track, but not if they come in with their arms blocking their heart, unwilling to try a new approach. I know from personal experience how it can all seem so helpless, but as long as you have one inkling of a voice inside you that says you can get better, you will. When you give up hope, how can you get better? I’ve heard so many times, “I’ve spent thousands of dollars with no results.” Those dollars spent gave us all information — that that route was not the one that would bring us to a better place.

My words of advice to anyone suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, there are many causes. Being in a support group that offers no hope is a dead end. Reading articles or watching videos about how hopeless people feel is not going to help. Dwelling in self pity is a sure way to stay stuck.