Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: It’s Just a Symptom

Accepting the label Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is like locking yourself in a box and throwing away the key. CFS is a symptom of an infection that is active. It could be Epstein Barr virus, Cocksackie, or Lyme, Lyme co-infection, parasites, heavy metals or a combination of all of them.

When people tell me their Western Blot test was negative, I really don’t take that seriously. I have asked patients to instruct their MDs to order them a Fry test (Lab Corp does it) and most times what comes back is surprising to them but not to me.

I think the Fry test is the place to start. Have your MD or naturopath get markers for Epstein Barr and Cocksackie and have them check your CD57 (but only at the beginning of the week, not on a Friday).

Virtual hugs and well wishes don’t do much good when we’re trying to find our way out of the maze. Sticking with the doctor who keeps doing (or not doing) the same things over and over like antibiotics is a no brainer.

If Lyme or one of the co-infections shows up, a holisitc doc might put a person on high doses of Samento (cats claw). My gripe is that they are not also on drainers to clean their organs of elimination. What happens when you take a killing herb? The biofilms break, the system gets flooded with toxins and you feel worse than when you started. The kidneys, liver, colon and lymphatics need to be addressed before any killer herb (or antibiotic) is prescribed. The fallout needs to get out!

If you’re not taking minerals and electrolytes, the body, again, is not going to be able to clean house.

The first thing I do with a patient is get them on drainers that test well for them in particular, order the appropriate blood tests and then make a treatment plan.