Covid19: The Earth is Happier

This is an aha moment for the whole world. As old structures come tumbling down and leadership at the top becomes a side show, it’s important to look at the upside and what this experience has to offer.

Certainly the Venice canals are happier as jellyfish swim among minnows. Los Angeles and New Delhi are free of smog. Nature is getting a respite from the fallout of fossil fuels.

While there is extreme suffering all over the world (the United States leads in the death toll), all most of us can do is stay home and not contribute to the spread of the virus. While we can’t help lament our loss of income, inability to be with family and friends, the inconvenience of not being able to go to a restaurant and be served, this is a time to go inward and explore what’s really important, to ask ourselves, “What are my true values?”

I miss seeing patients and I certainly do miss the income, but it’s rather nice to be able to do what I want, when I want, while I can. The outside world is not pushing me to be up at a certain time, it’s not forcing me to perform. I don’t have to be anyone’s puppet. This is a chance to look at what I’ve put on the back burner for years, to focus on a subject I’ve wanted to study but never could find time. Now is the time. Opportunities disguised as tragedies don’t come around often–carpe diem. Look for the silver linings–they are there. Behind all the masks there are smiles and behind the scenes, scientists are pushing the envelope to learn how Covid19 works and what we can do to stay healthy and productive.

In the meantime, show people you love by keeping away from them.