Covid19 Treatment Looks Promising But You Tube Link Taken Down

Our freedoms are being taken away and on top of that list is our freedom of the press. One would think that such news as administering Ivermectin, Zinc and Doxycycline for Covid-19 would bring at least a glimmer of hope to the world, but the You Tube video which started to circulate went poof in the dark of night.

Who is responsible for deleting information that might help us get back to a more normal way of living? If an old reliable parasitic drug and affordable antibiotic plus a natural immune booster like zinc could assist in getting us through this cruel dark night, why wouldn’t we want the world to start using the protocol?

Dr. Christiane Northrup (and many others) believe that taking Lyposomal Vitamin C, Vitamin D with K (Vit.D levels must be within normal range), Colloidal Silver ought to be taken on a regular basis as a safeguard. Most people don’t take those things and most doctors just don’t “go there.”Check out Joe Mercola, MD at for tips and researched information on just about any health topic, especially Covid-19.