Covid19, We are All in This Together Even Though We’re Not Together

I’m sure your in boxes are stuffed with all sorts of ideas on how to stay safe and how to keep your spirits up so I’m not going to burden you with reminders to heed the CDC guidelines.

What I want to address is how many of us have had to totally change our mindsets and our lives from one second to the next. Some of us are dealing with broken dreams and taking on responsibilities we didn’t see coming (or maybe we were in denial of what was coming down the pike).

In my own case, my husband and I were ready to move to another state. We even found our dream house with a great library, pond and view of a lake form the kitchen window. But the Covid19 tsunami came, and even though the writing was on the wall for quite a while, when it hit it whipped us into reality real quick. After five months of race-horse speed decluttering our present house and getting it on the market (for a whole three days), our plans came crashing down. At the same time my elderly aunt fell and from one moment to the next, I was left supervising a team of caregivers to look after my 98 year old bedridden relative.

The way I cope is through karma yoga. You can Google what that means, but in a nutshell it entails doing your duty (dharma) in service to the Divine. Even washing dishes or filling the bird feeder when it’s freezing can be used as prayer. It really helps deliver serenity. What was hard at the outset softens day by day. I wake up in the morning and wait for what’s coming — and when it comes, I offer it up to the Universe knowing the Universe will give me the strength to move forward.

Remember, we by ourselves do nothing. We get our spirit/energy from the One Life, from our Creator. We are never alone.

I hope this helps. In the meantime, stay home and find something meaningful to do before it finds you.

To be safe, I closed my practice. I miss seeing patients but still offer phone sessions or sessions via SCIO (not covered by insurance).