Detox: Strange Feelings can Surface

A patient who I recently put on an Epstein Barr Virus homeopathic series kit reported that a few hours after she takes a vial strange feelings and sensations that she can’t name start to surface. She described it as being in a strange place without a map and the language needed to express herself. She further stated, “I feel like I desperately need to find someone to help me to move the sensations out.”

First of all, when we are killing off viruses or parasites or any living organism that has taken up housekeeping in our bodies, they get stick and they are dying. Since they have been a part of us for so long, we can feel what they’re feeling but we don’t know how to express ourselves as a virus or a parasite. We only know that it feels alien and we don’t like the way it feels because it’s all so strange.

Not everyone experiences this phenomenon — some people can go through a huge detox and not even get a headache. But if you are one of the sensitive ones, there are things you can do to help yourself.

The first is make sure you have enough drainage remedies on board. When you kill microorganisms, the corpses by the millions load up the lymph system making it sluggish. The chemicals and toxins that the corpses give off need to be processed by the liver. And the kidneys need to be able to handle the load to dump it all.

Sometimes just having the right drainage in place is enough to open the pathways so that icky strange feeling is not an issue. In my experience, when I feel that alien energy surfacing, it’s time to reach for the drainers and the binders to help clean up the detritus.

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