Do You Know How to Relax?

The most relaxing days of my life were spent on a Bahama beach. Granted I was there for a business seminar, but as soon as we were dismissed, I bee lined for the beach. I surrendered to the sound of incoming waves, reveled in the sing song accents of the natives who sold tourists colorful scarves. I watched a group of young people play volley ball. Back and forth the ball went. Back and forth. The giggles, the groans, that’s all there was. My muscles were totally relaxed and I didn’t want to move. I had never experienced such pure being. When I feel stressed, I remember those afternoons, my husband stretched out on the sand reading “The Perfect Storm.” I go horizontal and imagine I’m back there. I start with my toes and let them relax. Then the feet, calves, thighs, hips…all the way up to the arms, shoulders, neck, back of the head and the face. I let my jaw go slack. I stay that way for as long as I want.

Where is your favorite place, the place where you can let go of the cares of the day, forget the aches and pains and tightness you carry around? When patients come into my clinic, I often ask them to imagine that time in their life when they felt worry free. When the treatment is over, I suggest they take time, even five minutes a day, to take a mini vacation. Acupuncture treatments hold longer when we take our self in hand.