Does Acupuncture Hurt? And What If You Don’t Like Needles?

Many people sit on the sidelines wondering if acupuncture is right for them. They’ve been to several doctors but are still not feeling well. Maybe their back pain is still an issue or they feel sluggish or just not themselves. Meanwhile time moves on. But lingering in the back of their minds is the idea of trying acupuncture but they’re squeamish about needles. Should they or should they not make an appointment?

Most individuals are pleasantly surprised when they receive acupuncture for the first time. It’s not uncommon to hear comments like, “That didn’t hurt at all.”  Or “You needled my hand but I felt  energy move in my shoulder.”

When a practitioner shows a patient a hair-thin needle, they are often relieved. And sometimes I will actually needle a point on my own hand to show them how shallow the needling is. Modern-day acupuncture needles are not like hypodermic needles–they barely penetrate the skin.

But for those people who still dislike the sight of a needle, I offer needle-free stimulation which works well for neck, back and other acute or chronic pains. Needle-free acupuncture is especially effective for youngsters and the elderly although many of my elderly and young patients welcome needles.