Does Homeopathy Work?

For those who have been treated with constitutional homeopathy, you know it can take a long time to see results and sometimes the results are so subtle people give up. This is not the case with practical homeopathy. I use homeopathic remedies in conjunction with five-element acupuncture for acute and chronic conditions.

Practical Homeopathy

In my practice I have worked with homeopathy for the last 20 plus years. I have studied combination remedies with Apex, Energetix and Desseret Biologicals and am certified in Soluna (spagyric) remedies. I have studied constitutional homeopathy, have been treated with constitutional homeopathy many times myself, but nothing works better than practical homeopathy. I’m fortunate to have been mentored by premier homeopath Joette Calabrese on gut and emotional issues.

A woman who complained of ankle and leg edema was amazed when, after several weeks, she no longer had to wear support stockings. Another patient who suffered from insomnia was able, after a short time, to get a full night’s refreshing sleep. This same patient complained of long standing groin pain. She was delighted to see a lessening of the symptoms with a return to greater mobility in just a few days.

A gentleman patient got a severe case of the itches that kept him awake at night. He actually took a back scratcher to bed with him. Practical homeopathy to the rescue and within a half hour his skin calmed down.

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(Acupuncture is often covered by insurance but homeopathy is not)