Enthusiasm: the Key to a Vital Life

In my acupuncture practice, I find that patients who take part in their health heal better and quicker. One of the hardest barriers to break through when working with patients is convincing them that change is possible. When I hear the refrain, “Well, back pain runs in my family,” it tells me that the door has been closed; they’ve been brainwashed by people whose minds are shut. Another familiar feedback is “I can endure a great amount of pain.” I hear it all the time. People can take great pride is enduring pain or illness, as if that is a badge of honor. To me, it’s a closed door. We have to want to change in order to change.

Inserting needles in a person’s flesh is the easy part–but the patient has to be open to new possibilities. I, as an acupuncturist and health coach, am also a generator of enthusiasm. I offer an opening to a new path, regardless the age of a person or what they’ve been through. Concentration camp survivors, the ones who are able to lead productive lives, have had to open a new room in their brain to create new movement.

If we keep doing the same dance steps, we stay stuck. I offer patients homework to help their enthusiasm levels stay high. Sometimes I suggest reading a book that can help exorcise old patterns/old voices that no longer serve. If a patient tells me, “I don’t have time,” that tells me that their health is not a priority. The old adage, “It takes two to tango” comes to mind.

Together we get to the finish line. The best type of a relationship is when the acupuncturist and patient are on the same page. I offer my skills and my enthusiasm–but it takes the person to turn the key to the locked door to let in new light, movement, health.


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