Even if we have a home, we’re all looking to feel at home in this world

I came across this poem today to share. No matter what a person’s malady, we all crave feeling at home in the world. A large part of our problem is homesickness and at no time in the last decades have we ever felt it more with the Covid19 invasion intruding on our peace of mind.


On Homesickness

What is your malady?

Asks the form at the community acupuncture clinic.
My pen hovers—so many to choose from:
the thyroid, the gut, the face.
I find myself writing instead:
I hand in my form. I wonder if the doctor
with the needles will laugh at me,
but he says instead:
I am homesick too.
And then he puts needles in my ears and my ankles
and I fall asleep.
Around me, strangers sleep
needled dreams, under warm blankets.
And I think:
at home in the world.
The endless desire to be
at home in the world