Evox: An Alternative to Psychotherapy

Many of us have experienced talk therapy and while it may feel good to vent and come to a greater understanding of why we and others act the way they do, we may still feel stuck, like not much has happened to change us within. When we change inside, outer circumstances seem to shift as well. When we change our perceptions about another person or a circumstance, life does not continue in the same old way.

Evox, a computerized software system is a voice activated program which can actually show what areas in a person’s unconscious is affected. When an individual states their concern, the software recognizes in what areas the voice shows an imbalance. While a person listens to music, they see on the screen how changes occur and how their mind can free itself from negative thoughts.

Imagine a circle divided like a pie into ten sections where each section is a certain color. White, for example, shows where the voice has low amounts of energy and if white shows up in the Evox section that refers to self-criticism or rigid beliefs, those are the areas that will be cleared to help the person to begin changing their perception.

The best way to describe Evox is to give an example of how it changes people’s beliefs:

John (not his real name) was pretty much fed up with being a limo driver. He had been fired from an ad agency, a job he really liked, but the feelings were not mutual on the part of his boss. His self-esteem was suffering and he was feeling lost until a friend of his told him about Evox, a computerized software system that is able to scan one’s meridian system (acupuncture currents that run throughout the body). He was willing to commit to five sessions which were completed within fourteen days.

When John placed his hand on the Evox cradle, he chose the topic he wanted to work on, which was I DESERVE TO HAVE A JOB I LOVE.  In his mind, he really believed he didn’t deserve to have a job he really liked.

The patterns that showed up as most troubling for him were “anger” and “inability to acknowledge emotions” which rang a bell immediately. He said he was not encouraged to express himself growing up and because of that, he carried within him an unspoken rage. In fact, his boss reminded him of his father.

For 45 minutes, John continued to repeat I DESERVE TO HAVE A JOB I LOVE and while thinking of the topic as he listened to music, he noticed his voice began to strengthen and the white areas were clearing showing that there was less energy in the areas of “anger” and “inability to acknowledge emotions.”

At a certain point, the software recognized that the session for that day was complete, that a significant clearing had occurred.

The first Evox session can take up to an hour to complete but subsequent sessions may take as little as 20 minutes.

After John’s session, the Evox system scanned him for the flower essences that would support him until the next session in the energetic dilutions that were specifically tailored for his individual needs. He was given the remedy in a bottle and the instructions were to take two drops twice a day.

By the end of five sessions, John was feeling optimistic enough to start networking with his colleagues who gave him leads on who was hiring in the ad agency field. He also started to release the anger he felt toward his boss which has been holding him back from his dream job and actually told me that one day he might have to fire someone himself and he hoped if that was the case, he’d do it with as much compassion as possible. He told me that he wished he has known about Evox sooner and that when he came to another rut in the road, he would give me a call.

I’ve helped many people change their perceptions about family members, friends, phobias and circumstance that life brings to us all.  We don’t have to be stuck. While talk therapy has its pluses, it can take years and many dollars without the desired result.

Evox clearing requires a commitment of five sessions to be completed within a two-week period. The cost for the sessions is only $450: paid in advance. ($90/session)

Please call me to discuss how I help you change YOUR perceptions and clear the way for a happier, more productive life. I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to answer your questions about this service.

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Alexis Rotella,
Dr. Cl. Hyp., M.Ac.
Licensed Acupuncturist
Jade Spring Health Center, Arnold, Maryland