How Evox Perception Reframing Can Improve Relationships, Health and Performance

When we change the way we view things, our experience changes for the better. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to change the way you feel about your boss, your spouse and even yourself?

How Evox Works

When you speak, your voice carries the energy of how you perceive the issue you want to work on. EVOX records your voice energy and plots it on a graph called a Perception Index. EVOX uses your Perception Index to determine a frequency signature that is most helpful to you. It then sends these signatures to the Hand Cradle where you listen to relaxing music and think about the problem.

EVOX Perception Reframing can impact any aspect of your Personal Performance (such as sports), Interpersonal Relationships such as your spouse, a problem child or coworkers. EVOX has also helped people reframe the way they feel about a health issue and by doing so health problems become messengers that can teach us how our behavior and thoughts effect our body.

Perception creates our personal reality. If we can change how we feel about another person, we can change an entire relationship for the better.

One client, after just one session, noticed positive inner moods, energy and attitude toward a mother who she considered domineering. Instead of dreading her weekly visits, she realized her mother’s “stuff” was not “her stuff.” Instead of automatically reacting to her mother’s comments, she remained silent and let her mother be her mother. Sometimes when we don’t react in the same old way, the other person has no choice but to change their behavior.

When we work with other people, their quirks can start to grate on our nerves. If we don’t change our attitude toward the human thorns in our side, we might resent going to work. There’s nothing like clearing the decks so we can focus on doing our job instead of letting someone’s behavior sap our energy and impact our health.

EVOX can be used for just about any challenge we find ourselves going through. If we’re human, we have challenges.

EVOX is not covered by insurance (although acupuncture is). Five sessions are required, to be completed within a two-week period. The cost is a nonrefundable $450 payment up front. EVOX sessions require a commitment from the client and the practitioner. There is no sliding scale available.

It’s important to prioritize what we really want in our life. Let’s face it, it’s our attitude that keeps us stuck. It’s our attitude that clears a new path to a better tomorrow.