EVOX Technology — Why Live Life in Fear When You Don’t Have to?

Evox–Feeling Safe in the World

In my practice, I use kinesiology or muscle testing to determine what organs, glands or systems are out of balance but aside from the physical, it’s also helpful to discover what emotions might be blocking a person’s healing. For example, many people don’t feel safe in the world and are fearful of what shadows might be lurking around the next corner. When we live life being afraid, we’re not really trusting, we’re not really “living.”

EVOX is a useful tool to help heal our obstacles to fear. Think of a fear or block as a rut in one of those old plastic records where the song cannot go on. Take the example of the woman who just can’t “stomach” her new sister-in-law. Her attitude not only hurts her, her sister-in-law, but her brother, their future kids and the entire family. If she were willing to let her opinion about the newcomer in the family shift, doesn’t it seem like common sense that she’d be able to experience more harmony and open up places in her consciousness to experience more healthy experiences? A side effect of being able to accept others and life “as it is” might be better digestion and more energy. If we can’t mentally digest, or accept, circumstances, sooner or later the body is effected.

I use EVOX in my own life to overcome snags that don’t serve me well and I’ve seen how EVOX technology helps people change their perceptions so they can live life to the fullest.

Most people think they have to live with their biases and fears and there are those who will seek out psychological help only to find themselves having to return over and over again with no tangible results. I know people who have been in therapy for years but are still hating their former husband and creating tension between their kids and grand kids. Fearing or hating anyone or anything is a sure way to make ourselves think we’re in control. But at what cost? To make ourselves and those we say we love miserable?

There are a lot of therapies out there and I’ve studied most of them, but none seems to work as well as EVOX, a computerized software program that uses a hand cradle to access one’s unconscious. The protocol is simple – a person chooses a topic they want to work on, e.g., I feel safe while driving. While one focuses on the issue, music is played for 30 seconds, then the topic is once again repeated, music is listened to, and after each repetition, one is able to see the progression or the degree to which the “fear” or “concern” has been erased.

Five sessions to be completed within a period of two weeks is absolutely necessary. If a person cannot commit to five sessions and pay for them upfront, then I don’t take them on as a client. EVOX is not covered by insurance and requires a deep commitment toward one’s own growth.

We have only one life – why waste it harboring resentments, fears and prejudices that do not pay forward the joy and fun that is inherently available to all of us?