Does Exercise Make You Tired?

Hypothyroidism is a disease that requires a lot of attention as it is responsible for a plethora of symptoms

from mailaise, depression, indigestion and most commonly, muscle weakness. As one who inherited the

condition from a paternal grandmother, I’ve learned a lot in my 70 years of life including the fact that not

all exercise regimes are good for a person suffering from hypothyroidism. Aerobic exercise, running and exercie

that involves a lot of physical exertion can make one feel worse.  When treated with T3 and a healthy diet

one’s stamina can improve but until it does, gentle stretching, tai chi, yoga may be just what is called for.

Acupuncture also works wonders for treating the thyroid gland as when done properly can boost immunity,

balance the nervous system and increase energy, not to mention boost one’s mood.


To learn more about hypothyroidism, call me to make an appointment. When not treated, it can steal away

large chunks of your life.