Fall and the Flu: Why Bugs Don’t Bother Me

As autumn plays tug of war with late summer, an environment sets in when flu symptoms take hold. People complain of stomach ailments, sinus problems and colds. People rush to get the flu shot but often wind up getting sick anyway. Here are a few things I recommend to stay healthy:

Cover the back of your neck. Chinese Medicine cautions that evil wind enters through the back of the neck. This area should be kept warm. Stay out of drafts. Avoid the wind. My mantra to patients is wear a scarf.

The ancient Chinese believe the 10,000 diseases start in the stomach. The stomach likes to be warm so feed it warm beverages like ginger tea. Especially in the colder months, focus on soups. Grass-fed bone broths are great…easy to digest and are filled with minerals that help build bone. You can make it yourself or buy it online although it’s expensive. I was delighted to see that Safeway now carries small containers of bone broth–both chicken and beef. It’s a good idea to sip it throughout the day. Drink mint tea in the warmer months–it’s cooling.

If you can’t walk because it’s too cold, walk for 10 minutes a day up and down the steps in your house or invest in a trampoline to get your lymphatic system moving. The lymph moves bacteria out of the body. In other words, movement moves out the bad stuff.

Don’t push yourself when autumn rolls around. The time of running around burning the candle at both ends is over. Try to go to bed shortly after the sun goes down. Imitate nature. If you’re over 50, take a 20-minute nap after lunch if you can.

Regular acupuncture treatments help to balance the organs, glands and systems. I myself get regular acupuncture and have been doing so for the last 25 years. I wish I had discovered acupuncture and ancient Chinese wisdom sooner.