Acupuncture FAQ

Does acupuncture hurt?

Not really. The needles I use are hair-thin. I use the most expensive needles on the market. They generally slide in and oftentimes people don’t realize they’ve been needled. In most cases, I insert the needles and take them right out. There are times when I leave the needles in for 20 minutes or so. Most people learn to love needles.

Will I feel anything?

People often enjoy when they feel the energy shift. If a point is needled on the hand, they may feel a headache disappear. Or their mood suddenly changes for the better. In most cases, people feel like they’re in balance.

If I just have a needle phobia, is there a way I can still be treated?

Yes, for young children, some elderly and for those who just dislike the thought of needles, I use a battery-operated device to stimulate the points or for pain, I use silver pellets or tiny crystals.

 I’m stressed out and am experiencing anxiety attacks. Can acupuncture help?

Acupuncture is especially useful for stress. Instead of taking a drug, acupuncture often starts to relieve the symptom as the cause is uncovered. Diet is also addressed.

How many visits are required?

That depends on the individual and the severity of the complaint. To use an analogy, suppose you find water on the floor of your bathroom. Then you notice the rug in your bedroom is wet. You decide to take a look in the room below only to find the leak has affected the ceiling as well as a library.

You can just mop up the bathroom leak and ignore everything else while mold sets in not only destroying floor boards, walls, ceilings, not to mention the books.

Your body is a system. A symptom is just the messenger (or leak) telling you that something deeper is going on. In chronic cases, I may want to see a person twice a week. Once they become more stable and can hold the treatments for a longer period of time, we go to once a week and from there determine when a patient is ready to come back monthly or seasonally.

We live in a noisy stressful world and because of that, our systems more easily go out of balance. For example, suppose you are a care giver for an elderly parent or have a sick child or just don’t get along with your boss. Every emotional hit can cause us to go out of balance.

What is chi?

Chi is energy that flows through the meridian system, invisible pathways that are superior to the nervous system.  When our chi goes out of balance, it affects our nervous system, our organs, glands, etc.

Many acupuncturists use herbs. Can’t acupuncture cure everything?

Sometimes the body needs support. For example, suppose you are tired all the time and have a hard time getting out of bed to prepare for work.  Perhaps the adrenals can use a little boost.

How do you know what supplements I might need, if any?

We don’t guess here at the Jade Spring Health Center. We use a special form of muscle testing as well as the Zyto, a computerized system where you put your hand on a cradle while your meridians are being scanned. Your body holds the answers–the Zyto helps us zero in on the main stressors. For example, suppose your gall bladder shows as the main culprit. We can then scan to see what herb might help the gall bladder. Most people don’t know that the gall bladder being off balance is often responsible for insomnia.

 I have a fear of taking exams. Is there anything that can be done to allay my fears?

Acupuncture is great for releasing obsessive fear, which is often an imbalance in the bladder and kidneys. But we also use a system called Evox (a sister to the Zyto) to change perceptions. Let’s imagine that when we have a fear, say, of spiders, that fear is like a rut in a record that keeps playing over and over. We can actually heal that rut so a person can get over their fear of spiders and to realize that spiders play a role and they were here before us. That doesn’t mean the person will go out and suddenly buy a pet tarantula or start loving spiders. It just means that their perception of spiders becomes neutral.

 How many sessions are required for changing my perceptions using the Evox system?

A total of five sessions are required to be completed within a two-week period. The cost is $450 to be paid up front. In most cases, five is enough, but everyone is different.

Do you take acupuncture insurance?

Yes, we take most forms of insurance. If you would like to verify your insurance before coming in, please click here »  The billing company will let us both know your deductible, copay and how many treatments are allowed per year.

You say you are a Classical Five-Element Acupuncturist vs. a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.  What is the difference?

I started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at a school in California but soon realized the approach left me cold. I then began commuting from San Francisco to Hallandale, Florida where I studied with Professor J.R. Worsley and his team. Five-Element Acupuncture is more holistic and addresses the spirit of the person at the outset knowing that unless the spirit is brought back online, no amount of treatments will really hold in the long run.

We spend a lot of time diagnosing a person’s Causative Factor (CF). Everyone has a weak link that occurs when they are either in utero or when very young. That weak leak then effects a pair of meridians which are special to that individual and for the rest of their life, those two meridians will be the ones that will be the key to their staying in balance.

For example, suppose a mother gives a child up for adoption. The child knows even before it’s born that something stressful is about to happen. Their stomach and spleen meridians will become weak and until they are put back into balance, they may look for nurturing in places that are not healthy, they may stay in relationships long after the relationship has ended emotionally.

So as you can see, Classical Acupuncture is deep. I am not the type of practitioner who skims the surface of life. I am an investigator, always trying to understand why certain symptoms are there. Sometimes the answers are more easily comprehended, other times a submarine is needed to get into the years, or layers of stress, that a person carries “on their back.”

How long is a session?

The first session is an hour and a half or so. Subsequent sessions are an hour or less.

What is special about your clinic?

I spend a lot of time with you and make sure you are at ease. Jade Spring is a fragrance-free clinic and we use only biodegradable products. We use air cleaners knowing that there are many people who suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivities.

The clinic is in a beautiful area surrounded by trees, gardens, birds and a pond.

I treat one person at a time, so you won’t be put in a booth and left for 45 minutes at a time. You won’t have to listen to other conversations through thin walls. My focus is on you only.

In addition, we use sophisticated nutritional technology that removes the guess work. It’s quick and effective.

How many years of experience do you have?

I have over 40 years experience in the holistic field. Back in the late 70’s I was an energy medicine practitioner where I studied Reiki, Mari-El and other systems. I eventually earned a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy and practiced Ericksonian hypnotherapy. At age 48 I started acupuncture school because as one who endured chronic fatigue for three long years, I saw how acupuncture helped restore my energy.

Aside from the healing arts which is how I earn a living, I am a digital artist and an award-winning writer of Japanese poetry forms in English. I have published dozens of books and I owe so much to Classical Acupuncture for allowing me to achieve so many of my goals.