Fascinating Article on Color/Gemstone Healing

As a certified colorpuncturist, I find this article a breath of fresh air.

As we enter the dawning of the age of Aquarius (December 21, 2020), I am excited about the possibilities that await us in the realms of acupuncture, electronic and remote healing, astrology and high frequency technology including breakthroughs in medicine, all things to benefit the people, not just a few people at the top, but the regular Joe and Josephine who live on every block.

So much wisdom has been kept under wraps for too long but as Saturn entered Aquarius and left Capricorn behind (it has been quite a ride with Covid19 not to mention the political strife), it’s inevitable that change is already on its way. But you know when you’re in your car waiting for a red light to turn green and there are 20 cars in front of you–you wonder why does it take so long for cars to just move? Waiting for change is like that–it takes a while to get into gear. The old guard will balk and stamp its feet, but the train has left the station and we are not going back.