Feeling Empty — Like There’s Nothing Inside

The feeling of emptiness is a symptom, a message telling you something’s out of balance and very often it’s the earth element asking to be fed — not necessarily food, but some sort of nurturing.
We often look for other people to fill our needs but when the spleen and stomach meridians are balanced (or fed through Classical Acupuncture), a person feels self sufficient.

An empty earth element often lingers long after it’s time to go. People will find excuses not to leave, they’ll over eat and indulge in unhealthy activities only to have later regrets. Sugar is one of those artificial fixes that people grab as is fast food.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important Classical Acupuncture is in keeping our balance.
We live in a toxic harried world where everyone’s mantra has become “Gotta run.”

If you have to run somewhere, run to your acupuncturist, or if you’re in the Annapolis, Md. area,
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