Why Feeling Guilty after Eating is Not Good For You

We have one more big holiday to conquer — New Year’s Eve. But you’re already feeling guilty for having eaten chocolates and fruitcake, beating yourself up because you had champagne. It never seems to stop, this feeling guilty pattern.

The good news is you don’t have to feel badly for enjoying life. You perhaps needs to gain a new perspective. Maybe you’re open to acquiring a few new tricks in your bag. But before I share just one thing you can do, I want to tell you one important fact: YOUR CELLS LIVE IN WATER and when they’re deprived of water, you become dehydrated. After you eat sugar and do a guilt trip on yourself, your cells tighten because when you hold your breath (as you do when you send negative vibes to your energy makers), you deprive oxygen from reaching them. What your cells need when you indulge in holiday goodies is water and oxygen.

I teach my patients what remedies they can take when they eat sugar or drink alcohol. Everyone will be healthier when they know how to treat themselves with kindness instead of heaping on guilt which serves no useful purpose.

A great way to start the New Year is to come in for a Zyto nutritional scan. Zyto will supply you with information your unique body needs in order to detox. Instead of adding in more supplements, first know where your liver lives and what it wants. When you know how to give your body what it really needs to go with the flow of life’s river, you will be happier and build a foundation for a longer, healthier life.

My patients are amazed when they experience Zyto. While acupuncture is covered by insurance, Zyto is not.