Feeling Sad or Nostalgic as Summer Approaches?

You aren’t the only one. Spring is the season where plants shoot up like arrows, where sounds are crisper, e.g., crows seem to own the sky as their caws echo for miles. But when summer starts to set in, Nature horizontalizes, gardens fill in and lushness absorbs the bird calls.

Especially as we age, or as we move away from family and friends, we might start to remember the cook outs, the get togethers. Memories especially around Memorial Day can hit us like a tsunami. Summer is the time when our fire needs to be high in order to keep up with the season. It’s the time to have fun but to have fun our heart and pericardium (sac around the heart) need to be strong.

That’s why as summer nears, I do summer tune ups for patients to ensure that they have the energy to enjoy the summer as well as to be able to live with the memories of days gone by with pleasure and gratitude.

Acupuncture is not just about getting rid of pain, it’s about living in harmony with the seasons and feeling emotionally stable.