Fibromyalgia — There is a cure

Over and over I hear the old refrain, “There is no cure for fibromyalgia.” Chances are this line of, pardon my French, BS, was handed down by a medical doctor or nurse who had no training/awareness in holistic health. Chances are whoever hands down that “story” has never heard of lymph congestion.


The lymphatic system carries away toxins and in most people it’s like a lazy river that just doesn’t want to move or filter the poisons out of the body. Instead the junk we all manufacture just sits there and before long,  muscles start to ache, fatigue sets in and we move into emotion overload and depression.


Part of my job as a five-element acupuncturist and nutrition counselor is to exorcise the myths that have been handed down by the medical profession. Then to deliver to the patient whatever their unique self is calling for. No two patients are treated alike. Not all remedies or modalities work for the same person. I muscle test to see what you need and after examining you and getting to know you, I suggest a treatment plan, a road map that shows you where we’re going.


It’s a journey we take together.

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