Getting Well Using ZYTO Technology

As I’ve mentioned on other posts, Zyto is a computerized software system that scans the energy circuits (meridians) of the human system. Simply by placing your hand on a cradle, the software can pinpoint which organs, glands and systems are calling out for help. In addition, the Zyto can also scan to determine what remedies/therapies can be helpful in supporting said organs, glands and systems.

I use a number of products from reliable companies that guarantee non-toxic ingredients. One of those companies is BioPure. Their products are based on Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s research over a period of 40 years.

With keeping in mind those patients of mine who are curious about why I recommend certain remedies at certain times, I am sharing this video which goes through many of the BioPure products in detail. Especially when one is chronically ill, there is a method to getting well. We start off with getting the right binders on board (the Zyto will pinpoint what YOUR body is calling for), how to safely detox your organs of elimination and to give the body the support and therapies it needs. While most doctors/practitioners will just guess at what a body wants, Zyto forgoes the crap shoots and asks the body what it wants and needs at this moment in time.

I muscle test all dosages which will vary as treatment continues. I work with people who take responsibility for their health, on all levels including emotionally and spiritually. Know that when we go through stressful times, the cells will release more toxins.

So for those of you need to understand how the body works and how various remedies impact the body, here is a link to Dr. Dietrich’s three-part talk. Grab a cup of tea and a notebook. This is journey that is informative and enlightening: