Going Into a Funk: Pandemics Can Make Us Stronger if We are Open

Fear can paralyze us.

  • What to do?

If fear is on the front burner, recognize it, acknowledge it, thank it and tell the fear you realize it’s trying to help but it’s not necessary for it to be there. Tell the fear that you have things you need to do and it’s preventing you from getting on with your day.

What an NLP hypnotherapist would suggest: Have a timer nearby. Give yourself a full three minutes to feel the fear. Feel it with all your might. Let fear have it’s voice. When the three minutes are up, get on with other things.

If you’re listening to the news and social media 24/7, stop it. The news media can terrify us with its constant barrage of who died, how many, and many more on the way.

Get your masks, get a UV wand. Stay home. Find projects to do and do them.

If you go into a funk, chances are your family will, too. If you truly are depressed, seek help. But remember those who’ve been through similar pandemics–they tell us we’ll get through it. How can we not? We must and we will.