Gut Health: New Information from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on How to Restore Immune Function

Spore Probiotics are changing people’s lives for the better. Most probiotics that we’ve been taking cannot get through the stomach acid and do us little good. Spore Probiotics addresses that issue and as a result, our immune systems finally start to work and allergies to foods dissipate. It all starts in the gut. The ancient Chinese said, “The 10,000 diseases start in the stomach.” The stomach is the hub of our wheel. If the nutrients from food cannot get to our cells, we continue to run on one or two cylinders instead of eight.

Dr. Mercola offers the product for less money than many other suppliers. I encourage all of you to check out his website, especially if you’re struggling with whether or not to vaccinate yourself or your kids. In fact, he does touch upon this in the above video.

I have been testing this product on the Zyto software technology that I use in my clinic and when this remedy is put on board, many organ systems come into balance. People with chronic conditions such as Lyme are relieved of brain fog and electromagnetic sensitivity improves.

While Zyto scans are not covered by insurance as is acupuncture treatments, it’s the technology of the future that is here now. You will see what organs, glands and systems are out of balance and discover what supplements, remedies or modalities your body is asking for.

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