Hashimoto’s and Gluten

Hashimoto’s is an auto immune condition where the thyroid is attacked. This is often misunderstood by orthodox medicine as well as functional medicine practitioners.

Gluten is thought to be a main trigger although that’s not the only one.

If you have avoided gluten and your antibodies have been low and then start to eat foods like gluten-free pizza or pasta, you may find your energy plummets. It’s a good bet that antibodies have risen. This is where regular blood tests play an important role.

One diet is not the answer for everyone, and gluten doesn’t play a role in everyone’s story, but it’s the first thing to investigate. Of course, if you’ve been undergoing more stress than usual, e.g., caretaking responsibilities, divorce, preparing to move, know that stress can be a key player in elevated thyroid antibodies.

Stress is a key component in thyroid disease. No matter what you’re going through in life, and life does throw us curve balls (that’s its nature), it’s important to find ways to rest, meditate and to learn to go into an alpha state where you allow the left hemisphere to chill out for a while. I recommend checking out HeartMath as well as Silva Mind Control books and courses.

While we are basically our own healers, it’s important to have on board a team of helpers starting with a functional medicine doctor who understands the thyroid, an energy worker such as an acupuncturist or polarity therapy practitioner. Consider also SCIO therapy which can be done in person or at a distance. I offer acupuncture and SCIO in my clinic which will be moving to Greensboro, North Carolina mid September. Even if you are an existing patient in Maryland, I can still help you.