Healing from Lyme Disease, for Body, Mind and Spirit

I picked up this book by Katina I. Makris from the library and ordered a copy from Amazon. It’s really good.

If you’re going through the Lyme journey, it will not be a story that drags you down, but quite the opposite. Anyone who has been through this experience

knows that it’s hard for people to understand the struggle. Makris’s use of language is beautiful — the book reads like poetic prose. She does a lot of

sharing. For those of you who have a practitioner who isn’t holistic, there are tips here.


I stress in my practice the importance of proper drainers and binders. The Zyto programs I use can target what YOU need to open up the organs of elimination — not everyone responds to the same remedy. Up until now the treatment of Lyme and its coinfections has been like a crap shoot.

In combination with treatments, I recommend reading the books that I think can help. Out of the Woods is top of the list.


I offer a free food survey with your first appointment.  If you’ve been to many doctors and don’t know where to turn, there’s a good chance I can offer support.

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